Water Conservation

Effectively immediately, the water utilities department will be lifting stage 1 water restrictions for all residential and commercial customers. In order to preserve our water resource, we still encourage proper water conservation measures. Please view our Conservation Tips for more information.

The purpose of the Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan was to establish guidelines to reduce water use throughout the City all year round. During the fall and winter months, lawns only need an inch or less of water, every two weeks. So making adjustments to your sprinkler or irrigation systems to accommodate reasons doesn't only help conserve water but also reduces your water bill.

chart 1-1.jpg
The first water conservation and drought contingency plan was first adopted in August 2002 with revisions done in October 2004, April 2009 and the most recent revisions on March 12, 2013. Under these new changes, THREE STAGES have been implemented to simplify and be consistent with other plans throughout the metroplex. What determines each trigger level are the lake levels at Lake Weatherford. You may view the current lake levels at Lake Weatherford for real time elevation.