Discovery Station

Discovery Station Graphic
Discovery Station every Tuesday at from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. June 5th, 2018 through July 24th, 2018.

Activities that inspire and educate, so that kids aged from 7 to 11 can keep their scholastic skills sharp for next year while having tons of fun.



June 5th

1st to 3rd grade – The Beat Goes On
3rd to 5th grade – World of Sound

June 12th

1st to 3rd grade – Mixed Up Melodies
3rd to 5th grade – Living on the Moon

June 19th

1st to 3rd grade – Rock Out!
3rd to 5th grade – Sounds of Nature

June 26th

1st to 3rd grade – Noise in the Night
3rd to 5th grade – Music from a Box

July 3rd  

1st to 3rd grade – Strumming on My Old Banjo
3rd to 5th grade – Art Sleuths

July 10th

1st to 3rd grade – Wild Rhapsody
3rd to 5th grade – Listen for the Echo

July 17th 

1st to 3rd grade – Rock and Roll is Here to Stay
3rd to 5th grade – Kid Composers

July 24th

1st to 3rd grade – The Science of Sound
3rd to 5th grade – Siege Machines

For more information please visit or call the library. 

Weatherford Public Library 
1014 Charles St. 
Weatherford, TX 76086 
Phone: 817-598-4150