Management & Budget

What is OMB?
The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is the City's budget and research arm. OMB is responsible for all budget and strategic planning exercises, and provides research and analysis on key management issues facing City departments.

One primary way in which this goal is achieved is through the collection and analysis of data. In this regard, OMB is the chief data office of the City. OMB works with each department to improve the collection, accuracy, and dissemination of critical data, which is then used to enhance the transparency and efficiency of City operations.

Areas of Responsibility
OMB's primary tasks are:
  • Prepare the annual budget documents for General City Services as well as the Municipal Utility Fund
  • Provide regular budget monitoring to project end-of-year revenue collections and expenditures
  • Update the City's five-year financial forecast annually
  • Improve the collection, accuracy, and dissemination of critical data
  • Prepare research and analysis of financial, economic, and management trends in and around the City of Weatherford
  • Use the budget process to align our community's limited resources with our stated goals and objectives