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What is SYNC? 

SYNC is a summer program geared towards teens, which offers two free e-audiobooks each week. They are available starting
April 25th, through August 1st, 2019. Adults are also welcome 
to jump in as the audiobooks are great choices for ages 13 and up. 

How does it work?

SYNC uses OverDrive app, which is available for most devices. Many Weatherford Public Library patrons using our e-collection at North Texas Libraries on the Go already have this app. Visit for more information about the app and instructions for downloading it to a device.

OverDrive app will store and play back the e-audiobooks you download, so your first step is to download the app.
Note: Only the OverDrive app will work for the SYNC program. Libby app cannot be used.

Next, check out SYNC at and register to receive updates and alerts via e-mail and text. You can also stay updated by checking this webpage, and our Facebook page.

When the e-audiobooks are available, they will be added to the Title Download page at the SYNC website. If you signed up for alerts, you’ll receive a message as soon as a new title is available.

Once the titles are added, you have seven days to download them to the OverDrive app.

When you are ready to download, click on the link for the book and provide an e-mail address. SYNC will send a link to the e-audiobook file via e-mail, which is used to download the book to the OverDrive app.

What books does SYNC offer?

Each week, you can download a free e-audiobook and a free classic e-audiobook, paired by a common theme or treatment. A list of the titles and the week when they can be downloaded is available as a SYNC PDF.
Week 12: July 18th - July 24th, SYNC brings you The Go-Between by Veronica Chambers and Kids of Appetite by David Arnold.
Be sure to check this page each week for new samples. Samples of the books are also available through SoundCloud.

It’s time to kick back and plug in—listening is reading and SYNC makes it the best way to start your summer.

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For questions and more information please visit or call the library. 

Weatherford Public Library 
1014 Charles St.
Weatherford, TX 76086 
Phone: 817-598-4150